GREETINGS...THIS IS THE ENTITY KNOWN know what's hard? with ever lived in a house or apartment with roommates? dude picks his nose in front of you and then wipes it on your video game controller...chicky snottily quotes nietzche during every conversation...buddy's got lou reed's metal machine music cranked all night long in an effort to convince you that it's actually good..shit can get annoying quickly...communication goes out the window...stuff gets suppressed...tensions...gossiping...and finally a big blow out...enemies made...people move out...

Now multiply all those annoyances by a million times (give or take!) when you enter into a community type situation where there's alot of people living and working on the same piece of oh man...deep breathes and long solitary walks...

So, here we are in the year 2012...

Back in the 60s and 70s people flocked to the country to start their own community's.

But just as quickly as it began, the commune's ended...or did they?

Not really, just the names changed... "intentional community's" and "ecovillages" are flourishing all over the world.

In Shawnigan Lake, B.C....O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE ( is one of those community's still carrying on that flame today.

They receive up to 10,000 visitors every year!...and so ohme made movies went out to talk to executive director and co-founder BRANDY GALLAGHER and hearth keeper PATRICK JACKSON to hear they're perspective on what they've seen from people coming and going at their village.

Is it necessary to work on ourselves?
Is it necessary to work on ourselves while being in a community with others?
Is it necessary to even be in a community with others?


Follow me then, down the rabbit hole and lets try and find the mother to the machine...

ohme made movies presents
mother to the machine

...and after a long period of time where cult leader william brown stayed low to the ground (and then his back began to get all hunched)...the cult is back open for business and accepting new members!...a shake of a lucky pikachu tail to our latest cult member...
#101: ryan!

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